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Space Availability - KSL Faculty and Staff Classrooms

(Available to faculty, teaching assistants or CWRU staff only)

Students needing a room for collaboration can visit the Student Collaboration Rooms

Generously sized rooms for presentations or classes.  Each room has projection systems and web cameras for virtual interactions. Furniture is mobile to be configured however you wish. Laptops are available for hands-on interactive instruction.

Please note that rooms with Avocor Systems need about 5 minutes for the system to warm up and launch.  This should be accounted for prior to the meeting time, to avoid delays.


These rooms are available for all day booking but you can decrease the timeslots down following these steps:                                                                  

  1. View "Info" for details on the different rooms and select your room
  2. Select your start time.
  3. Scroll past the booking chart to the dropdown of times and select your "until" time.  This will reduce the booking time that you are requesting.
  4. If you have chosen the incorrect time or date DO NOT USE your Back Button on the Browser.  Use the Garbage Can Icon next to the Booking Time selection and/or the Change button on the Booking Detail screen. 

NOTE: If you are looking to book the same room the next day, use the slider at the bottom of the booking chart to move to the next day. You can request multiple days in the request form if you need the room for a recurring meeting.

   Available    Your Booking    Unavailable/Padding