Appointments are not required to print with us.  Click here for instructions on how to drop off files for printing.

Appointments offer a chance for patrons to have their posters reviewed by our staff prior to the printing of the final copy.  All appointments are 1 hour long and include a staff review of your poster via draft print.  Once suggestions have been made, the patron will have time to make changes to their poster.  Should there be enough time left in the appointment, the final version of the poster will be printed.  If there is not enough time left in the appointment to print the final poster, once the file is ready it will be treated as a ready to print file

Appointments must be scheduled in advance and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis only.  Walk-in and same day appointments will not be accommodated.  

Appointments accommodate one poster each.  Patrons who bring multiple posters to appointments will be asked to use our drop-off service for all but one.  The patron whose name appears on the appointment must be present for the appointment.   Lamination is not available during appointments.

To make an appointment, click on any green timeslot and fill out the form.

Questions may be directed to 216-368-0932 or